Man With A Mission
Man With A Mission
Following their successfull concert in Paris last July for Japan Expo, the rockers of the band MAN WITH A MISSION are back in Europe! They are going to rock the cities of Cologne, Marseille and Paris (for the festival Japan Expo Sud) with wild guitars and catchy lyrics. Through 3 outstanding shows on February 27 March 2 ans 3, 2013. The fans will get the chance to see again the most!

MAN WITH A MISSION is a rock band keeping up mystery and originality. Half-men, half-wolves, the 5 members unleash passions since they entered the underground rock network. The band got signed by a major in 2011.

From then on, they became a real phenomenon: their album and concert tickets get almost immediately sold out.

2011 is a turning point for the band who participates in SUMMER SONIC 2011 and other festivals, like CDJ 11/12 and Radiocrazy.

In2012, MAN WITH A MISSION set off to conquer France at Japan Expo and were a hit at the Live House.

During their visit in Europe, MAN WITH A MISSION goes on a tour, with three gigs in Cologne, Marseille and Paris!

Come to see them!
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