Lords of Altamont
Lords of Altamont
The Primitive, Evocative Sound Of The Lords
by Michael Dawkes

”The Lords of Altamont are the Sons of the Rock Gods of Mars. To them, rock is war straight from a red planet. As it should be. We should be very grateful for this small mercy alone.

I once heard a sic-fi radio play. Earth was being invaded by warriors from a distant galaxy. Bristling with unmatchable technology, their space ships came on. And on. Plus they had a secret weapon. Their music.
It wasn’t music as we knew it. It was terrifying. Electrifying. We, pathetic little Earthlings that we are, rolled over. They won. They controlled the planet. But we had their music! Earth would never be the same again, thank God.

The Lords of Altamont have picked up the torch that signifies rock, with or without, the roll (do we really have to stick labels on rock?). These Lords are riding their motorcycles with our torch. The flame streams out behind them — warming — exhilarating — brightening the sky of our rocking world.

Paradoxically, their music is primitive: primitively sublime as Little Richards’ ‘Long Tall Sally’. As vibrantly evocative as John Kongos’ “He’s Gonna Step On You Again’. Other influences are for others to sort out. Who cares where they really come from? Who cares that one of them is a chess Grand Master? Who cares that one of them had an affair with Richard Nixon? Who cares if they’re all pathological liars?

Let’s just listen to them and revel in their music. And while we listen, let’s scrabble in the dirt among our music’s earliest roots. It’s where we come from. It’s where we are. The Lords of Altamont make it sound as if it’s where we’re going. With bands like this around, rocking journeys to and from space will always be pleasurable undertakings.”

(Michael Dawkes is an English author and Rock and Roll-ogist. His most recent book is entitled “The Sardinians”)
ANFRAGE ZU Lords of Altamont