Maniac were formed in Los Angeles, California in 2012. Zache Davis moved to L.A. via Seattle where he played in bands like The Girls and The Cute Lepers. After injuring himself in a serious bicycle accident in L.A., he became a drug dealer to pay his extensive medical bills. Andrew Zappin, an L.A. transplant from Dayton, Ohio had never played in a band before but honed his lead guitar chops for years playing along to Cheap Trick records. Davis and Zappin befriended each other out of a mutual love for music and Latin women and would often find themselves carousing in the seamy underbelly of L.A. night life.

Along with music video director Ardy Fatehi (who played in Portland, Oregon punk band Goons of Destruction), they formed the band Maniac, recruiting Richie Cardenas of Clorox Girls, Rough Kids and Neighborhood Brats on the drums.

When Ardy Fatehi was forced to work on location in another city, Davis and company decided to ask Justin Maurer of Clorox Girls and L.A. Drugz to fill in on guitar. This fill-in job became a permanent one, and Maurer began to contribute to song writing and arrangement duties. After recording their first single for Canadian independent label La Ti Da Records (Dim Sum EP), Richie Cardenas left the group to go back to school while also working full time for the US Postal Service. To bring the band incest full circle, they brought in James Carman of Images and L.A. Drugz to play drums.

Bringing together their varied gazpacho of musical influences, the Maniac sound is lean and angular with sonic walls of power chords, biting leads and catchy vocal delivery. Carman slams into his drums with youthful exuberance and sets the pace for Davis' chunky bass guitar, Maurer's machine-gun rhythm guitar and Zappin's masterful lead guitar chops.

Maniacís lyrics come mainly from Davis' comic yet dark sense of humor, drawing from both personal experience and a distinct passion for French poetry and literature. His themes range from sexual frustration to internal turmoil. Like L.A. songsmith Easy E., Davis has since quit his drug dealing profession to focus on music and to pursue a Bachelor's Degree at UCLA.

Maniac are a quintessentially L.A. band in that they love both punk rock and classic rock and bring to a table a deep understanding of the city they live in and the music they play. Maniac were finalists in LA Weekly's "Best Live Band in LA" awards category.

In the fall of 2013, they recorded their debut album at Station House Studios in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles with Mark Rains manning the knobs as engineer. Daniel Hadji Husayn of Red Dons performed mastering duties at his North London Bomb Factory mastering house.

Maniacís debut LP, "Demimonde" was released in November 2014 on La Ti Da Records.