She started composing music naturally with the piano that her family had since she was little. She went to summer music school in the United States when she was ten and fourteen to study violin, that she had started studying when she was three years old. These experiences had taught her that even without language, people could communicate through music.
She majored in voice in Toho Gakuen high school and university.
While she was studying classical music, because she wanted to express the excitement and wonders of music through her own composition and words to as many people as possible, she made a debut in 1998 while she was still in University.

Made a major debut from Pony Canyon in Japan.

Her third single "Arigatou" receives third place in Hong Kong International Popular Music award, which is an equivalent to Japan Record Award. Even though KOKIA sings in Japanese, her "Thank you" message had gone over the barrier of language to touch people's heart.
This song was covered by very famous singer Sammy Cheng in Cantonese and had received great acclaim and a first place in Hong Kong's national ranking.
Through chain of these accomplishments, her music from the first album was used as a TV commercial song for FANCL cosmetics company in Hong Kong. This had lead to her great increase in popularity and as a result, her first live concert was a great success.
In 2001, her song "Say Hi!" was used as a commercial song for Shiseido in Asian region except for Japan. Also she joined a drug eradication charity concert held in Hong Kong with the big four in Hong Kong. This event drew thirty thousand people. This had also increased her popularity in Asia. Her popularity reached main land China and Taiwan as well. She had joined a count down event in Taiwan which drew one hundred thousand people. She was the first Japanese to perform in an event sponsored by MTV Asia that was held in front of the government general.

She released her second album "trip trip". The last song in this album "a gift" was used as a commercial song for Subaru in Europe. This had led to some interest in KOKIA from Europe.
In April, she wrote a song especially for Suntory oolong tea's commercial aired in Shanghai.

Her deep and warm voice had become a familiar sound in Japan through "The Power of Smile" which was used as a commercial song for a shampoo and "Kawaranaikoto ~since 1976~" which was used as a theme song for a drama "Itoshiki monoe (For dear one)" (Fuji TV)
She had performed "The Power of Smile" live on a TV program "Music Station" and received great response from the public. From December to January of 2004, she participated in NHK"s "Minna no uta", which she had longed for a chance to sing for since she was little, with a song "Yukyu no mori".

She covered Eagles' song "desperado" which was used in a movie "Hotel Venus" starring SMAP's Mr. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. She also appeared on Mr. Kusanagi's TV program "Chonan kan"
In summer, she sang a supporting song "Yumega chikara" for Japanese representative athletes in Athens Olympics. KOKIA had composed and written lyrics to this song while Mr., Akira Senju had arranged it to make it more than just a pop music. This song had delivered dreams to many Japanese, both young and old.

"time to say goodbye", released in July, is being used as an ending song for a TV program "Kinyo (Friday) Entertainment". The coupling song of this single "Shiawase no Hanataba" was used as a commercial image song for red feather fund-raising campaign and was a familiar tune on TV and radio.

She was in charge of writing/singing a theme song and ending song for a nationwide premiere theatre animated movie "Giniro no kami no Agito" which was premiered in the New years. She had also released a single of these songs on the new year's day. On February first, she released a long-awaited best album "pearl" and on the same day released her first DVD collection "jewel".
The album "pearl" was released in France and Spain prior to its release in Japan, and in January, she performed a very successful solo live in Europe. The news about this event was taken up in great extent by Japanese print media. After her solo live in Paris, she participated in "MIDEM2006", held in Cannes, representing Japan. Her performance in front of world wide music-related audience had ended in great success and drew numerous requests for licensing in new countries.
Currently, she sings a commercial song for a cameral manufacturer which airs in all Asian regions except for Japan. Also, she participates in numerous events overseas and offers music to various artists.

Founded own company anco&co in June in order to express the artist’s own feeling freely without getting caught in the music scene in Japan. Beside having solo performances in Tokyo, starts a project to deliver her “live” voice to all 47 prefectures in Japan.
On November 29th, released a first album “aigakikoeru” after becoming independent. It was released in France and in Europe prior to its release in Japan.

Gave second performance in Paris with the new album. Attracted 1200 people and was a great success. Such a big concert by Japanese musician had captured an attention of many Europeans and has become a pioneer of Japanese musicians in European music scene. The DVD with footage from this Paris concert was released on May 5th. In addition, European tour with stops in Paris and Belgium has been set for March 2008.

KOKIA’s “Arigatou” had been used on for flash image on Internet and received great attention from the media as well. As a result, released a single version of “Arigatou…” taken from her beset album. This song was originally released in 1999 and it was her first self-written music to be released. The coupling number “Utau hito” was used as a theme song for a movie “Furusato JAPAN” Her popularity had been generated naturally.
The Japanese version of “aigakioeru” was released on May 23rd, 2007. The concert tour with stops in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya was extremely successful.

Through a single mail from a victim of an earthquake, which occurred on July 16th in Japan, KOKIA sent her a song called “Watashi ni dekiru koto” as a gift. Number of coincidences and miracles had caused this music to have great influence over the people of Kashiwazaki city in Niigata prefecture. As a result, the CD of this song was made and on September 16th, two months after the earthquake, it was released mainly in the Kashiwazaki city area. Currently, many people nation wide have responded to this incident and KOKIA is extremely pleased that “the true and the greatest meaning of song had touched so many people”
For the first time in almost two years released an original single, "Follow the Nightingale"(Opening theme song for Nintendo DS "tails of innocence") on November 21st.

For the start of 10th anniversary year, released an album "The VOICE" simultaneously in Japan, Asia and Europe. And with this album, gave a very successful third concert in France attracting 1800 people. Also she gave two concerts in Paris as well as a successful first stage in Belgium. Currently she has a European tour scheduled for spring of 2009 with additional performance in new countries. Her 10th anniversary concert in Japan was also extremely successful. The footage from this concert was released as DVD "The VOICE" on July 16th.

KOKIA released her first album recorded overseas, in Ireland, "Fairy Dance" on September 24th. Starting with this recording in Ireland, she plants to interact with musicians from all over the world and collaborate with them.
Furthermore, Christmas album "Christmas gift" is scheduled to be released on November 12th. Her popularity and talent are expected to soar not only in Asia and Europe, but also in Japan as well.

Currently she is participating in charity events through her music. One of them is for Christmas season this year she is going to make a special CD of "Remember the Kiss" which she wrote with her prayer for world peace right after 911 in the US seven years ago, and plans to distribute 10,000 CD to people of New York free of charge as a "Music Gift" for them. Through this project she believes people can feel warmth and calmness within their hearts.

Caring about delivering music to people's heart in mind and going beyond the boundaries of j-pop, KOKIA's distinctive music world has touched many people not only in Japan but world wide. A singer, KOKIA. with her small statue and the charming way she speaks, no one can imagine that the moment they hear her spiritual voice, their heart will be captivated by her magic.