Anli Pollicino
Anli Pollicino
Anli Pollicino is a young J-Rock band that draws its inspiration from different styles (Skid Row, X Japan, Evanescence, L’arc en Ciel, Siam Shade, Marilyn Manson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Pay Money To My Pain). The band was created in 2008 and performs more and more. Becoming a very adulated underground band from Tokyo.
They released a mini album named “Fahrenheit31” out on November 2009.
Shindy, TAKUMA, Yohichi, Masatoshi and Kiyozumi want to shake the European continent with their music.

With their ambition, their subversive and original look, and of course their music and songs, the band will probably hit Europe successfully.
In june 2010, they toured Europe and performed in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Switzerland.
As this band started from scratch, they knew they had to be at the top to differentiate themselves and convert a European audience.

In 2012, the band is coming back with a greater experience. A new album called “Life Is Beautiful” will be released on may the 2nd.
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