We proudly present


Bear Trade are a band based in the north east of England. 


We may have been round the block a bit, but we’re comfortable with that. We are genuinely four best friends who appreciate the time that we spend with each other socially and musically, and also with our respective families. Our love of making a racket and drinking some beers and travelling to play for friends old and new remains undiminished, and hopefully the songs we write illustrate that the warmth of human interaction still has a place in this increasingly digital world.


After releasing half a dozen songs on a 7”/download/CD single and playing a few gigs – including a jaunt to Fest down the East Coast of America with Aussie friends The Smith Street Band, we followed this up with Blood & Sand, our debut full length on Everything Sucks (UK)/ Dead Broke (US)/ Waterslide (Japan). Without blowing our own trumpet too loudly, the record and accompanying (DIY) videos were universally well received, and we celebrated by tagging along with our buddies in Iron Chic at every opportunity and playing across the UK wherever practicably possible.


Another trip to Florida/Fest later and thoughts turned to making a new LP. Songs were written and a handful debuted live, and whilst owing to our infrequent get togethers this process took some time, as we came to the summer of 2016 we booked up six days at Suburban Home in Leeds with Matthew Johnson (of Hookworms) . This booking coincided with our appearance at Southsea Fest, our last live gig for a while as a new family member was due…however, we decided to use this time wisely, and so a record was born first. Twelve new songs were completed by mid November and we are remarkably proud of this collection of songs.


This will be released at the end of April 2017 with a short UK tour with old friends Strike Anywhere, on the same labels and formats as before. Probably make a video or two as well again, just for fun. Because, just like the nature of our band, if ain’t broke why fix it? 


Tom van Laak