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Billboard acclaimed K-pop girl group DREAMCATCHER is coming to Offenbach to meet their fans through Dreamcatcher 2024 World Tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors] in EUROPE, live on February 23 at Stadthalle.

The 7-member girl group has proven their limitless talent by showing off their unique charm through their strong, dynamic tracks with powerful vocals to beautiful, soft ballads. DREAMCATCHER has captured the hearts of music fans both domestically and internationally.

DREAMCATCHER recently returned with their ninth mini album, ‘VillainS’, marking the beginning of an alternate universe-themed series with great success. DREAMCATCHER, who have turned into seven villains, have built a successful career by topping the U.S. iTunes Worldwide Albums chart. The title song, "OOTD," stands for “Outfit Of The Day”, which expresses a narcissism beyond confidence. DREAMCATCHER has strengthened the group's identity by transforming itself into a villain through "OOTD."

Additionally, the album included "Intro: This My Fashion," "Rising" laced with strong opinions, "Shatter" with lyrics that crave freedom, and "We Are Young," which conveys a message of hope, to solidify DREAMCATCHER's unique color of music. In particular, during this comeback promotion, dance previews were uploaded, further raising fans' anticipation for the stage.

DREAMCATCHER is going to meet their European fans about a year after their 2022 DREAMCATCHER World Tour: [Apocalypse: Follow us]. The show held in Paris was completely sold out, proving their global popularity. They brought the heat to the stage for about 2 hours with a variety of songs on the setlist. The local response was also explosive, with fans singing along in Korean while cheering enthusiastically, which was enough to fill the venue.

With fascinating tracks and choreography that allow the group to show the world who they are, DREAMCATCHER invites fans into their unique universe through a series of live performances. Tickets for the 2023 Dreamcatcher World Tour [Apocalypse: From us] in Offenbach will go on sale on January 8, 2024 at 3:00 PM CET local time.


Frank Hesshaus