We proudly present

Girls in Synthesis


"London-based experimental punk trio Girls In Synthesis are set to release their debut album 'Now Here's An Echo From Your Future' on 28th August via Harbinger Sound, originally scheduled for release in May but put back due to the current pandemic. The band are caustic and confrontational, and are considered by many to be the most exciting underground band in the UK.
With the punk tag not quite fitting, the group have acquired a broad range of influences; disco and dub can be found rooted in the rhythm section whilst bands such as Crass and Flipper have informed the atonal guitar dissonance. 
More of a collective than a conventional band, the group and their collaborators have created all their own artwork, videos, photos as well as the records themselves, truly embodying the original meaning of DIY. Non-musical projects have included a long sold out and collectable series of lyric and poetry books, a month long photography exhibition at Lomography in London and also run a regular postal mailing list for fans.
The debut single 'The Mound' was released in late 2016, followed by a sold out run of 3 rare and sought after vinyl E.P's for the London-based Blank Editions label. Copies of these now change hands for exorbitant prices online. To promote the releases, the band played a series of intimate and intense shows across the UK picking up a dedicated following. Support slots for bands as disparate as Damo Suzuki, Bad Breeding, Slaves, Wolf Alice and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs followed.
In 2019 punk label Louder Than War compiled all previous releases as 'Pre/Post: A Collection 2016-2018', the initial vinyl release of which followed suit and sold out over a weekend. Shortly after this release, the group began working with long running experimental music label Harbinger Sound (Sleaford Mods, Consumer Electronics) and released the single 'Arterial Movements' in collaboration with German labels X-Mist and In A Car.
In early 2020 the white heat punk blast of 'Pressure' was released and ‘Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future’ was announced. This release was followed by the caustic torrent against mass media manipulation in 'The Images Agree' which saw impressive reviews UK and EU wide. These two releases set anticipation high for the debut album, and for good reason. Album tracks such as 'Human Frailty' explore ageing and death, and includes a winding, improvised violin solo at the songs end. 'Set Up To Fail' splits itself in two, mixing a muted, grinding first half with a horn-led dub second half.
Songs 'Tirades of Hate and Fear' and 'Cause For Concern' are studies in bludgeoning, relentless skewed punk and see the groups foundational discord melding with a more subtly melodic influence. Lyrically, the album explores mental health within relationships, right wing manipulation of the working classes, criticism of career politics... this is the tip of the iceberg and not for the faint hearted.
With a UK tour scheduled for October and more UK and EU dates lined up for Spring 2021, this is the most critical period for Girls In Synthesis. A time to prove that the hype over their early  releases was well deserved. With other bands wearing down their rough edges and sanitising their anger, Girls In Synthesis can truly be classified as the most important underground band in the UK."


Tom van Laak