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The   Infidelix   Story:


Infidelix   left   Texas   a   few   years   back   with   $100   and   dream   to   get   his   music   into   the   ears of   people   around   the   world.   He   purchased   a   one   way   ticket   to   Spain   and   begin   a   year   of backpacking   Europe   selling   his   cd’s   to   people   on   the   street.   He   quickly   learned   that   this was   not   an   easy   task   to   do   and   he   quickly   went   broke.   Stranded   in   Amsterdam   about   4 months   into   his   journey,   he   connected   with   some   street   musicians   there   who   let   him   use their   busking   equipment.   That   was   the   beginning   of   the   new   journey   Infidelix   was embarking   on.

Now   2   years   later,   Infidelix   has   received   the   title   of   Europe’s   #1   Street   Rapper, entertaining   hundreds      daily   with   his   street   music.   Now   located   in   Berlin,   Infidelix   has   a video   that   went   viral   gaining   millions   and   millions   of   views   on   platforms   such   as YOUTUBE,   FACEBOOK,   9GAG,   etc   etc   which   has   allowed   him   to   gain   a   loyal   following across   the   world   of   people   who   support   his   music   and   his   dreams.

Since   being   featured   in   many   of   the   top   hip   hop   blogs   and   magazines,   to   hitting   the   front page   of   Reddit   multiple   times   Infidelix   has   propelled   his   career   from   just   a   rapper   on   the streets   to   a   seasoned   musician.

Infidelix   combines   the   essence   of   real   hip   hop   with   storytelling   to   create   a   unique   sound and   message   of   dream   following   and   not   giving   up.

His   motivational   messages   hit   the   ears   of   people   everywhere   and   he   has   truly   become a   mentor,   teacher,   and   most   importantly,   inspiration   to   thousands   all   over   the   world.

From   touring   Germany   this   December   with   P.O.S,   to   completing   his   own   successful   18 city   tour   in   Germany   this   past   month,   to   running   from   the   police   with   an   amplifier   and microphone   on   the   streets   around   Europe,   Infidelix   is   not   stopping   anytime   soon.


Tom van Laak