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MADMANS ESPRIT is the solo project of Korean independent artist Kyuho, who is accompanied by a lineup of session musicians for his intense live performances. The band’s sound has been described as a combination of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal (DSBM), progressive metal, post-rock, ambient, and death metal with strong references to classical and folk music. Blending pitch black themes reminiscent of DSBM bands like Shining (Sweden) with the avant-garde influence and aesthetic of Japanese visual kei bands like DIR EN GREY, they label themselves "Depressive Suicidal Blackened Pop". Piercing screams and deep growls are balanced by operatic passages, often showcasing expressive high notes. Some parts are sung in Korean, English or German. Kyuho’s lyrics paint a pessimistic picture of human existence that often appears personal and intimate at first, yet, unfolds to a broader philosophy or political statement. 

MADMANS ESPRIT made their mark in 2014 with their debut album "NACHT." This release, blending various black metal subgenres with shoegazing guitar melodies and Korean folk undertones, gained praise from critics and fans alike. In 2018, the band expanded their horizons with their second full-length album "muuisig-ui uisighwa," released through Gan-Shin Records, a European home for legendary Japanese bands like DIR EN GREY and MUCC. This marked a departure from their black metal roots, incorporating influences from post punk, indie rock, grind core and classical music. During their first headlining tour across six European countries in spring 2019, they released the EP "glorifying suicide," exploring themes of self-reflection. In this period the band also toured Asia, broadening their international audience. The release of their third full-length album, titled naneun naleul tonghae ulileul boneun neoleul tonghae naleul bonda, marked a significant milestone for the band, culminating in their achievement at the 2023 Korean Music Awards, where it won in the Best Metal and Hardcore Album category. This recognition further solidified their position as a leading force in the Korean Metal scene, showcasing their dedication to musical exploration and innovation.

Their recent singles, “Mismatch” and "chulag,” serve as testament to their ongoing evolution. As they forge ahead, Madmans Esprit remains fearless in their pursuit of musical expression, leaving an indelible impression on listeners worldwide.


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