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Rockbottom isn’t an strange name or those that have been following the korean hiphop scene for a while and also for those who haven’t! Ruling the underground scene in South Korea, Rockbottom has managed to create a name out of their original country and gain a great amount of fans in other continents such as Europe!

We cannot deny Rockbottom is also one of the most diverse crews out there, from rapers to producers to djs even vocalists, Rockbottom members have managed to stay true to their own colors and show to the public what they are capable of through different mixtpes.

With diverse collaborations such as Rap Monster from BTS, Zico, Hanhae, Mino… Rockbottom members have shown us their habilities and their talent, all of this also accompanied by an enegertic performance on stage that Rockbottom members cannot wait to share with their european fans!

Kidoh, i11evn, Rawam, Supreme Boi and Type-c will be visiting our continent to share with you an amazing experience. With years of music experience on their backs, Rockbottom members are ready to give their very best to enjoy two awesome nights with their european fans!

The members have been releasing new music this year, pruving once again that they know how it is done.

i11evn has been active in the scene since 2011 with several mixtapes and singles , with his most recent single being titled ‘Up Tonight’, as well as Supreme Boi has also been active as a producer under Big Hit Entertainment, releasing diverse tracks as well, his most recent work titled Photoshop.

Kidoh has also been pretty active these past years, releasing recently his two singles titled ‘Her’ and ‘Trade’ and a new EP under the mae S.O.H.K. that includes those two new songs..

Rwam has, as well, released a single album with two songs, Pilow and 37.2.

During the latest year, they have also released different collaborations and toured around Europe and South Korea and even the United States, showing that they are well known not only in South Korea but also overseas.


Frank Hesshaus