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THE SIXTH LIE is an electronic rock band formed by Arata (Vo), Reiji (Gt&Pg) and Ray (Dr) in May 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. Their band name comes from the words “Art is the most beautiful of all lies” by French composer Claude Debussy, and is related to them wanting to create a lie so beautiful it can’t be expressed with words or five senses.

Their music is inspired by the leading worldwide hits spiced up with a sense of hybridity, and their visuals are science fiction inspired with elements from futuristic scenes. During their 1st World Tour, which started from June 2017, they toured around United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada, attracted over 2,500 visitors and sold out their CD’s at the venues. In Japan, the band has played at KNOTFEST JAPAN 2016 (festival held by Slipknot), toured with acts such as hoobastank, Against the Current, OLDCODEX and coldrain during ONE THOUSAND MILES TOUR 2017.

The band has so far released 3 albums, 1 digital single, followed by their 1st single release “Hibana”, which is used as the ending theme for TV Anime “Golden Kamuy”, an anime based on an award-winning manga series of the same title. The single ranked in as number 1 on iTunes Anime Song Charts and Amazon Charts, and as number 6 on iTunes All Genre Top Songs and Oricon Daily Digital Single Charts. 


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