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Super K-pop rookie boy group xikers is coming to Berlin to meet fans through their very first Europe tour, 2024 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN EUROPE on February 1st at Huxleys.

The 10-member boy group under KQ Entertainment exploded onto the global K-pop scene after their debut on March 30, 2023 with their first EP, ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing’. Quickly taking on the title of “monster rookies,” the group snagged a series of achievements with just their first EP, debuting at No.1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart, No.4 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, and No.75 on the Billboard 200 Chart, among several other rankings.

Making their first comeback only a few months after their debut, xikers surpassed their own sales records with their 2nd EP ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : HOW TO PLAY’. Their growing popularity was clearly marked in the first week of album sales, nearly double their previous record.

xikers proved their worldwide popularity once again with the 2023 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN USA. Their first world tour, announced only five months after their debut, earned them another title as a “performance blockbuster.”

They captivated audiences with a setlist that brought their whirlwind energy and dynamic discography to the stage. As a rookie group, xikers toured six cities in the US, mobilizing well over 10,000 seats and solidifying their global ticket power.

Having garnered worldwide attention with their versatile musical sound and powerful dance performances, xikers are set to bring their explosive stages to cities all across Europe with  2024 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN EUROPE.

Tickets for the 2024 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN BERLIN will go on sale on December 18, 11:00 AM (CET).


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